BS013 - Space Daze - Follow My Light Back Home

space daze cover.jpg

Space Daze is the solo project of Danny Rowland, guitarist & songwriter of the band Seapony. 

Follow My Light Back Home is his debut album

Released via Beautiful Strange on June 2nd 2014 and limited to 100 Pea Green Tapes.


1. Woke Up in the Summer

2. The Voices of Strangers

3. Line Up on the Solstice

4. It's Getting Lighter Earlier

5. It Becomes Silent

6. Going Out

7. I'll Know Tomorrow

8. Having a Bad Time

9. Follow My Light Back Home

10. Kill Me

11. Close the Curtains

12. The Fireflies are Gone

The album is available to pre-order now via Bandcamp (US orders via Space Daze). You can download the single "Line Up on the Solstice for free now via bandcamp and stream from the link below

Space Daze: Facebook  // Twitter