Introducing Impulsive Hearts

‘Sorry in the Summer’

Today Beautiful Strange and Impulsive Hearts is pleased to announce the release of their first full-length album. Sorry in the Summer will be available on vinyl and digital download from Beautiful Strange on February 26th.

The band picks up where recent revivalist acts like Dum Dum Girls and Best Coast have left off, adding just a hint of indelible Midwestern sadness to the neo-girl group garage rock sound.

Sorry in the Summer was recorded in the midst of a harsh Michigan winter in 2013.  The stark, isolated, but ultimately beautiful recording locale makes its way into each of the emotionally charged tracks. Though the jangly, dream-rock sound of Sorry in the Summer is tinged with sadness, it leaves plenty of room for dancing. The album follows two self-released tapes.

Sorry in the Summer is available for purchase via Beautiful Strange Bandcamp, select Chicago record stores and directly from the band. 

Listen to "SVE YRSELF" 

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“[The] songs are studies in contrast, sweet melodies and then distortion and rage”, - Jessica Hopper, The Chicago Tribune.

“The airiness of dream pop, and the toe-tappiness of surf-pop all mixed up with the kind of fuzzy guitars that I’m a total sucker for.” – Listening Midwestward