The Dreamers Of The Dreams by The Sinclair Sinclair shipping now:

A slight delay with the tapes but all good things come to those who wait, The Dreamers Of The Dreams EP by The Sinclair Sinclair is here and shipping now. Check out the tapes and stream the EP below:

Full details of the release can be found on their artist page and you can grab a tape (limited to 100 clear reel tapes - we've kept one side label free so you can see how cool they look) via bandcamp:

Press for The Sinclair Sinclair:

    “While not as sugary sweet as Cocteau Twins, they’re mining the same ethereal landscape much of the 4AD roster owned at that time”- KnoxRoad

    “Their sound, influenced by the likes of The XX and Zola Jesus, makes for a sanguine and sultry vision.”- Yvynyl blog