New Release: BS010 - Keebo - Native American

Quicker than London buses, the new Beautiful Strange releases are flowing! 

 Following swiftly from Souvenir Stand's "Days EP", Lockets "Surrender" and The Sinclair Sinclair's "The Dreamers of the Dreams" comes the debut single release by London quartet Keebo, a band I took instantly to heart with a spell-binding collection of demos.

BS010 brings together the already celebrated "Native American" with a new track "Follow" on a limited cassette release. The tapes will be glittery florescent purple and are sure to sell quickly. More information on the release page.

They'll be available at a launch show on Friday 21st June at The Black Heart when the band play alongside Bird & SeaWitches for Beautiful Strange - if you live in London you should come - event details

Tapes are available to pre-order online via Bandcamp. Stream "Native American" below: