New Release: BS009 - The Sinclair Sinclair - The Dreamers of the Dreams

Really excited to announce the next Beautiful Strange release today:

BS009 - The Sinclair Sinclair - The Dreamers of the Dreams

A limited tape cassette release of the five track EP The Dreamers of the Dreams by Tallinn's The Sinclair Sinclair.


  1. The Dreamers of the Dreams
  2. Everyone Around Me Is Desperate for Love
  3. Pessoa
  4. Feel
  5. What If

    Released 1st July 2013 & Limited to 100 Clear Cassettes (w/ digital download). 

    Available to pre-order now via Bandcamp

    Artwork by Johanna Pikver. 

    Produced, recorded & mixed by The Sinclair Sinclair

    The Sinclair Sinclair: Soundcloud // Tumblr

     “While not as sugary sweet as Cocteau Twins, they’re mining the same ethereal landscape much of the 4AD roster owned at that time”- KnoxRoad

    “Their sound, influenced by the likes of The XX and Zola Jesus, makes for a sanguine and sultry vision.”- Yvynyl blog

    The Sinclair Sinclair are Raido, Taago, Jan, Keit.