Souvenir Stand Reviews

Release week for Souvenir Stand and people are being very complimentary already, which is jolly nice of them! 

“With the recreation of sunny studio sounds from half a century back, even the most pessimistic hearts may become thawed like an ice cream scoop that has fallen upon the warm sand. The parting love-note of “you carry a piece of my heart, wherever you go” stays with you whether you’re at home, working late in the office, at school, or strolling back home again.” IMPOSE MAGAZINE

“‘All I Want To Know’ could have been lifted straight from the Phil Spector stable and is adorable with its delightful mix of puppydog-eyed sadness and childlike melodies played out on the xylophone and Beach Boys-esque organs. Indeed, throw in the thundering timpani drum percussion and a fade out ending and, well, I’m pretty much hooked on this girl already. Cupo is part Dusty, part Sandie and is cute as a button but would be able to hold her own in a fight - she’s a Jersey girl after all.” LISTEN WITH MONGER

"Now this is good. Good like Barry and Greenwich, good like Gainsbourg's breathy noir, good like The Beach Boys when they sing about girls and cars and hanging out..." DID NOT CHART

You can stream the EP via BANDCAMP:

 and if you like it, you can snap up one of the limited orange cassettes too.