"Wherever You Go" Première on Impose Magazine


After teasing you for an age - we're sorry about that honest! - Souvenir Stand's new track "Wherever You Go", the lead track to the four track EP Days was premiéred today via Impose Magazine.

They gave it a wonderful review too:

"With the recreation of sunny studio sounds from half a century back, even the most pessimistic hearts may become thawed like an ice cream scoop that has fallen upon the warm sand. The parting love-note of "you carry a piece of my heart, wherever you go" stays with you whether you're at home, working late in the office, at school, or strolling back home again."

Read it in full here.

You can buy the limited, orange cassette release (official release date 29th April) via Bandcamp and Big Cartel and get "Wherever You Go" instantly with the rest of the four track EP following on the day.