Lockets are Todd Mendelsohn // Guitar, Synth, Production & Danielle Alderman // Vocals.

Website: http://locketsmusic.com // https://www.facebook.com/locketsmusic


 (in reverse chronological order)...

BS008 - Lockets - Surrender

A limited edition vinyl release (a one time pressing of 300 on transparent orange coloured 10") by Philly duo Lockets. Containing two new tracks and two remixes by Paris' Fear Club (Robin Huqueluex) and Luxembourg native Victor Ferreira (aka Sun Glitters)


  1. Surrender
  2. Girl
  3. Surrender (Fear Club Remix)
  4. Surrender (Sun Glitters Remix)

Released August 12th 2013

Pre-Order now from the Beautiful Strange Bandcamp (US via Lockets Bandcamp)

BS006 - Lockets - Camera Shy

A limited vinyl issue of the stunning debut LP ‘Camera Shy’ by Philadelphia duo Lockets. Remastered especially for this release.


1. Bitter Teeth 
2. Catch Me 
3. Violet 
4. Treasures You Lost 
5. Camera Shy 
6. Crush 
7. Winter Light 
8. Run

Release Date; December 3rd 2012.

Limited to 500 copies. 250 on Reverend Black Grape Transparent and 250 on White Rabbit Frosted Clear vinyl. 

Available to order now on 12" and Download via Bandcamp or Big Cartel .

US Orders through Lockets

Selected press for Camera Shy:

“A rare moment on Lost Lost Lost - we’re posting a full album. It’s by longtime favourites Lockets, and it is fully worth 35 minutes of your time, along with however many $$$ they ask for when it’s eventually, inevitably, pressed to wax. Features classics such as Bitter Teeth and Catch Me earlier on, before moving onto newer material - it’s all beautiful. Dive in”. Lost Lost Lost

“… a record that exists as part daydream, part half-light of the heart.” Their Bated Breath