BS008 - Lockets - Surrender

A limited edition vinyl release (a one time pressing of 300 on transparent orange coloured 10") by Philly duo Lockets. Containing two new tracks and two remixes by Paris' Fear Club (Robin Huqueluex) and Luxembourg native Victor Ferreira (aka Sun Glitters)


  1. Surrender
  2. Girl
  3. Surrender (Fear Club Remix)
  4. Surrender (Sun Glitters Remix)

The inital 50 orders (25 ROW and 25 US) come with a free art print by Cristina Rose pictured below.

Released Summer 2013

Pre-Order now from the Beautiful Strange Bandcamp (US via Lockets Bandcamp)

Lockets - Surrender Poster Print by Cristina Rose.

Lockets - Surrender Poster Print by Cristina Rose.


Lockets are;

Todd Mendelsohn: Guitar, Synth, Drum Programming, Arrangement, Lyrics 

Dani Mari: Vocals, Lyrics 

Additional Musicians on Track 1 "Surrender": 

Kyle Anderson: Bass Guitar 

Jason Kuhn: Guitar 

Christopher Miller: Drum Programming 

Produced and Engineered by Barry Knob @ Retro City Studios, Philadelphia. Co-produced by Todd Mendelsohn 

Mastered @ Nada Recording Studio, New York 

Photography by Dave Barbaree 

Cover Art by Todd Mendelsohn, Jason Kuhn, and Dave Barbaree